Baby Shower

Celebrate the coming of your little angel with some really interesting ideas to make it special for the Mother To Be..

The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts. Enjoy this love.

Celebrationz has some innovative and interesting ideas for your baby shower parties rather than the regular ones. Colourful decors as well as exciting games for guests to have a gala time..

A wishing wall setup for everyone to leave their warm wishes for the mother and baby.


Our Services Include

Theme Invites

If you want your invites to be as interesting and innovative as your theme decorations, Celebrationz has just the option for you.

Theme Cakes (Photo/3d)

Photo cakes, theme cakes, exotic cakes for all occasions..

Theme Decoration

From Simple balloon decor, home decor to elaborate theme based decor, we have it all.


Live DJ Music for indoor as well as outdoor parties with customised playlists.

Customised Hosting

Games and Hosting catering to all age groups and as per the theme of the event.

Gifts & Return Gifts

We help you arrange for your party return favours as per the occasion and audience.