Birthday Parties

Customised Birthday Celebrations For All Age Groups.

Birthdays are those times where each one of us irrespective of our age wants to celebrate and feel special.

Celebrationz specialises in giving you the best services within your budget.

We plan your events giving attention to every detail so that we are catering to all the age groups in the party. All you need to do is sit back and relax once you have hired us.

Celebrationz specialises in customised hosting as per the theme and age group of your party. Right from Detective Theme to Treasure Hunt, Masterchef to Halloween, Gymnastics to Pyjama Parties we have organised all. We also indulge in various DIY craft activities which can be turned into return gifts for your parties.

Our Services Include

Theme Invites

If you want your invites to be as interesting and innovative as your theme decorations, Celebrationz has just the option for you.

Theme Cakes (Photo/3d)

Photo cakes, theme cakes, exotic cakes for all occasions..

Theme Decoration

From Simple balloon decor, home decor to elaborate theme based decor, we have it all.


Live DJ Music for indoor as well as outdoor parties with customised playlists.

Customised Hosting

Games and Hosting catering to all age groups and as per the theme of the event.

Artists & Entertainers

Jugglers, Magicians, Ventriloquists, Tattoo Artists, Balloon Artists & much more..

Games & Activities

We help arrange for game stalls as well as outdoor and indoor play area setups along with other activities..

Gifts & Return Gifts

We help you arrange for your party return favours as per the occasion and audience.

DIY activities

DIY craft activities for kids which can be used as takeaway for birthday return gifts.